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My new role at NewsBreak and writing job opportunity.

I know, it’s Sunday, and I should be enjoying my well-deserved rest as it has been a crazy week from the working point of view.

But to be honest, I couldn’t wait to share with my beloved readers the breaking news.

From yesterday, I am officially one of the freelance content creators of News Break, the renowned news platform from the United States of America, with over 45 million active users each month.

The company, based in California, offered me the chance to start writing news and articles for them, and I feel blessed and honored by such a possibility.

News Break 

News Break offers a wide range of news, from breaking ones to the sport, to lifestyle and many others.

I am currently working on my second article as the first one has been published yesterday night in my time zone.

You can read it by clicking here.

The platform is the #1 in News on Google Play and #3 in News in the App Store as of October 13th,2020, and has an average of 1.5billion page views per month that is great exposure for me, and the community of The Wandering Cloud.

I am currently working on my next article that is going to be about a homicide that happened ten days ago, only one kilometer away from my home, and that has shaken the whole city.

It is not my usual content, but I decided to widen my skills and perspectives and walk on new paths.

Support me for free on News Break and download the app!

My profile as a freelance content creator on News Break.

So I would appreciate it a lot if you could support me over there by following me on my News Break profile to be updated on my articles.

Click here to follow me!

You will have to login through your Facebook or Google and then hit the follow button under my name.

For those interested in downloading the app, you can just click here and you will be automatically redirected to your app store.

Job Opportunity with The Wandering Cloud!

These are hard times for everybody and I learned how important is to share the blessings when you have the chance to do so.

If you are a blogger with a high level of English, you can apply to join me as a creator for News Break!

Click here and apply right now!

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