Femme Luxe Finery Black Friday 2020 Review.

November and December are usually my business’s craziest months.

If something is making my days brighter, it is receiving the Femme Luxe Finery PR packages.

Going strong together for almost a year, and I will celebrate my anniversary with the brand for sure.

This year, the orders and bookings for campaigns to The Wandering Cloud have doubled, and with COVID-19, I have not been able to hire anyone to work side by side in the office.

So basically, still one woman-company at the moment, even though I already started to hire people from the remote for some tasks, especially in the sales department in Mexico.

So being comfortable while I work non-stop has become a priority this year.

Last week, Femme Luxe Finery sent me a new Pr box containing new items, and I am so happy about them!

Since this pandemic started, they sent me some great joggers.

Because they have become my daily office outfit, but also a new loungewear set made in Italy and a mini-skirt plus jersey set.

This last made me think a bit because the last time that I wore a mini-skirt, I was in my late twenties but hey, why not?

I am thrilled with the new collection of Femme Luxe Finery: they got into this cozy mood that is absolutely perfect.

Their winter items are made mostly with fleece inside of them.

They are perfect for resting on the couch and for going for a ride on my bike.

Grey Fleece Front Pocket Joggers – Elina

If they resisted this, they are really well-made.

These joggers are made for hiking!
High five if you read that singing the “These boots are made for walking” song while reading my definition of those pants.
I decided to do a rough test with them, and I went hiking in the woods with Sky, my one-year-old American Staffordshire, on a Saturday morning.
It was pretty cold, around five-celsius degrees, so fleece was a good option.
These joggers have wide pockets on the front, arriving almost to the knees.
Those pockets are great to carry my phone, Sky’s cookies, and a few other items.
The pants are cuffed to the ankles, and it is the kind of joggers I prefer to cycle around with.

Grey Tie Dye Oversized Sweatshirt Loungewear Set – Natalia


I think that my beloved and owned in multiple colors, loungewear set Deanna has been dethroned by this one.

The Grey Tie Dye Oversized Sweatshirt Loungewear Set – Natalia, is part of the tie-dye collection of Femme Luxe Finery, and it is made in Italy, a soft, coordinated set.

It is mainly white, with tie-dye shades in grey.

I wasn’t expecting to receive a product made in my home country, and it put a big smile on my face.

The pants are very stretchy, with pockets, and are cuffed on the ankles, making them perfect with sliders or with sneakers.

They are high-waisted, and the elastic is gentle on the skin, just like the fabric.

The shirt is a long-sleeved one, cropped but not too much.

This morning I attended a PR meeting with Edinburgh on video-call wearing it, so it makes me feel really good with my body.

Black Zip Up Ribbed Skirt Co-ord – Tinley

I felt somehow stepping out of my comfort zone if you pass me the terminology when I ordered the Black Zip Up Ribbed Skirt Co-ord – Tinley.
My life doesn’t involve anymore a lot of occasions where to strut a mini-skirt, and the last time I wore one was probably because of some uniform as a hostess.
Coming back to Europe, and living in the countryside, doesn’t offer so many chances of wearing mini-skirts, mainly because of the Belgian, glorious weather.
But when I go out on dinner, or to attend an event, or fly to Milan, I like to dress up.

And black is a passe-partout.

As you may have noticed, I love to order sets from Femme Luxe Finery.

You receive a complete outfit, saving my time to think about how to dress.
You can always switch the parts with other clothing items to build an infinite number of outfits.
This set is a ribbed one, one of my favorite fabrics, and it is composed of a skirt, a stretchy one, and a zipped jersey.
The zip on the front of the jersey allows me to wear it more or less open for a sexier or more moderate look.
I recently bought a second-hand pair of cowboy boots or vaqueros as they are also known.
They are black and white and made an instant match with this set.
While, when I want to have a more sporty look, I switch the boots with a pair of sneakers or combat boots.
I am not really into high-heels shoes because of my height, 173cm, but I enjoy the skirt-boots combination a lot.

So this was my Black Friday haul with Femme Luxe, and I hope you enjoy it and let me know about your shopping spree!
This year is going to be wild for online shopping, but I am looking forward to hearing more from my beloved readers!


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