Detective Bayo: the best spy agency in Belgium, Luxembourg and France.

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Since forever, spies and private investigators have been the protagonists of real-life cases resolved, epical books, and movies.

One vivid example is the lucky series of Sherlock Holmes, brought to the international movie theaters thanks to the talented Robert Downey Jr.

Being a spy or a private detective is a dream job for thousands of people.

And there is a growing booking of these kinds of service as well.

With the era of social media and, more in general, of the Internet, safety and security are at stake.

The most common reasons are related to the private life or the working one of the person interested in hiring a detective.

I am quite familiar with the whole subject because I come from a family of entrepreneurs.

I know that a few times, my family had to hire detectives for business matters.

In these cases, hiring the best detectives on the market is essential.

You need to hire people you can fully trust.

Detective Bayo is an agency active in Belgium, France, and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

In each one of these countries, they can provide full coverage of the services you need.

This agency is part of the renowned WAD or World Association of Detectives.

Which is famous for its high level of ethics in choosing the members being part of it.

For a detective agency, being part of the World Association of Detectives is a synonym of reliability, honesty, and professionalism.

They are active in both individuals’ and companies’ investigations.


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Let’s check what they investigate when it comes to individuals.

This is a pretty extensive list of services from Detective Bayo.

Among them, cyberstalking is one of the most sadly known nowadays, because of the growing exposure of people and sensible data on the Internet.

Thanks to Detective Bayo, you will be able to show proof of the harassment you are being a victim of and take legal action against it.


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Business is a business, so better safe than sorry.

The Detective Bayo agency offers a wide range of services to take care of it.

You will be able to hire them for the following ones:

Detective Bayo’s agents will help you and support your company into knowing more about that employee or about debtors on the run.

Among their interesting website’s parts, there is also the blog, where you can learn a lot about the company; but you can also read some useful information and advice.

Stop frantically run after people and let Detective Bayo do its job in the only way known: at its finest.

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