Femme Luxe Finery and my Christmas in Antwerp.

That grey smoooool thing is Kawa staring at the shadows on the wall.

Let’s stop fooling ourselves and face reality: Christmas is less than two weeks away, and the streets are filling up with Christmas lights.

The best time of the year is coming and with it, winter.

As said before, I love working in joggers, mainly because I am the boss of my company and I opted for a relaxed approach with it, and also because with remote working, we all need to be comfortable.

After almost a year of collaborating non-stop with the UK brand Femme Luxe Finery from Manchester, I have been collecting an astonishing number of loungewear sets as well as joggers.

But this doesn’t mean that I forgot about dresses and company.

If I see something I love, I order it.

If you follow me on Youtube, you may have seen my latest video for a famous Asian company who sent me over a pr package of winter accessories.

Among them, a French-style beret in wine color.

I love it, and to my eyes, it requires an adequate outfit.

This time, Femme Luxe, sent me four items and among them, also the matching one for the beret.

Let’s go and review them together.

Black & White Oversized Houndstooth Sleeveless Rib-Detail Mini Jumper Dress – Kristen

This dress is an oversized vest with a pied de poule fantasy.

It looks fashionable, it is comfortable because of the oversizing, and has multiple styling up to its sleeves.

Pun intended.

I am the kind of woman who does enjoy a dress, but when it’s warmer outside or, I can count on some cashmere tights.

Unfortunately, being I, taller than the average girls (I am 1,73cm or 5.6), it is not long enough to be a minidress for me.

I paired this dress with some black leggings, from the past packages sent by Femme Luxe, and it was a match in heaven.

Put on a pair of boots, and you will look like a The devil wears Prada character.

Stone Boxy Cropped Hoodie Cuffed Joggers Loungewear Set – Cailleigh

I went thrifting in Antwerp this Sunday.

Nothing is trendier than wearing a pair of chunky sneakers, a coordinated hoodie and joggers set, and a teddy coat.

This set is one of those outfits that will make you look beautiful without effort.

In Antwerp while wearing a Stone Cailleigh lounge set.

I like a lot the line on the front of the pants as it gives them a twist in comparison to the other joggers owned.

The color is timeless, and it will never get out of style.

Soft and cozy, the perfect outfit for a Google Hangouts meeting or an afternoon with Netflix.

Light Blue Cuffed Joggers – Lizzie

I am addicted to these joggers.

I have probably three or four of them in different colors.

But I said it right away after the first pink pair that I was going to order more and more of them.

These joggers are my favorites of the brand.

They are simple ones, plain color, cuffed on the waist and the ankles, with two pockets, and that’s it.

But they are beautiful, well-made, and resistant.

I tend to have more dark-colored clothing because of my dog being a serial hugger and leaving his paw-prints on me, but I do enjoy, from time to time, bright colors.

These are a beautiful sky shade, pastel-toned.

Pink Ribbed Belted Loungewear Set – Asia

Please don’t laugh.

I don’t know why I decided to put the flamingo that lives in my office in the shooting.

My main goal for this one was to match my Santa pink hat.

I bought it last year in Antwerp, and it is my Xmas main accessory.

This Christmas, I decorated the house with rose gold accents, so I am planning a themed shooting wearing this loungewear set, my pink hat on my pink couch.

Because pink is never enough for me.

I already own one of these sets, in grey, but hey, pink is pink.

I think it is also great to wear with matching sneakers from Puma, with a bit of platform and a cozy sweater on top.

The length of the shirt is perfect and classy while still being sexy.

The V neck and the coordinated belt highlight the waist and make this set perfect for a Christmas shopping spree or a lunch with your besties.

My final thoughts are that I think that I would be able to pack for a week with Femme Luxe Finery items and still be able to face every occasion.

I am looking forward to next summer for some sexy bikinis and a great time at the beach.

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