Mortgages and COVID-19: sales and great tools.

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This year has been life-changing for the whole planet.

We learned a lot, lost a lot, gained more consciousness of what counts in life.

We spent most of the time at home, probably more than in all of our lives, and we understood how important it is to have a nest.

Not four walls.

Not a roof.

A nest, where feeling safe, and spend in the best way we can these quarantine times.

I have always been a traveler, and still, I am.

It hurts not being able to travel wherever I feel like, or even do my business meetings in London or Milan.

Because to me, it meant to be able to see my family and my best friends as well.

But after the initial frustration and endless anxiety moments, I shook myself focused on making the best out of it.

It was time for Miss Fava to work on her nest.

In the past ten months, we have been working on renovating an old detached house, here in the Belgian countryside.

Our goal is to be able to afford to buy it, but our working position is still fresh.

We have been through a lot, and both my partner and I had to switch from being in the motorsport showbusiness to having to reinvent ourselves.

With the pandemic, no events, no championship, and hence, no job for us.

So I started working hard on making TWC an agency and a company, and William found a job with a moving company, allowing him to stay fit while working.

It will take a while to save money to buy a property.

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I am learning, reading, and documenting myself more about how to do so.

I have to be honest with you: I and maths are two different universes since forever.

You can imagine my deficit when I have to read about prices, percentages, and worse, make math.

I have been reading articles about mortgages.

From the articles where the experts give their best advice, to those where the specialists say to wait for the COVID-19 sales, the list is never-ending.

I must admit that visiting websites like, helps a lot in understanding more about the subject for newbies like me.

Especially on the COVID-19 Mortgage Forbearance, and how to behave in pandemic times.

I have so many friends who are stuck on the subject and it’s super important at the moment.

It seems that from the next year, the prices will go down by a solid 5% that is absolutely great considering the incredible rises of the few past years.

One tool that the nemesis of math like me found very useful is Mortgage Calculators.

I know. I have been blessed with the arts, but not with science.

One can’t have it all in life.

So Mortgage Calculator is the website I found while googling how to do the maths when it comes to mortgages.

On this website, they calculate for you everything.

From calculating if you should keep renting or buying a house to how much you should pay monthly to how many years to pay off the house’s price.

You can also see how much is the minimum income that you should have, to afford the house you like, and many other features.

All you have to do is fill with the data you have, the blank spaces, and the system will calculate everything, like in the screenshot down here.

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I got rid of I don’t know how many sheets of paper with calculations.

Because I also have noticed that I can’t probably calculate not even how many apples are on the table. 

God bless whoever invented this website. 

It makes me feel and look smarter when I have to talk about the subject with my family and partner, especially when they know how hard is for me to calculate.

Feeling vulnerable when it comes to investing so much money can be easy.

But with planning in advance, reading articles, making a plan, and using tools like those from Mortgage Calculator, life is a bit easier.

I hope my experience will help you in finding new sources for your investments.

Feel free to share your experience here in the comments or on my social media!

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