Hello 2021 with Femme Luxe Finery!

Here we are, the first post of the year.

Last night we said goodbye to this life-changing 2020.

A never-ending 2020 where we had to learn a lot.

Including how to shop on-line, as I must admit I never did before March.

And also how to dress like a decent human being for the business meeting on Zoom.

I am here, taking a break from clients, brands, posts while writing this post about Femme Luxe.

It’s been a year since the brand emailed me the first time; to be part of their bloggers and a full year of blogging about it.

I don’t even know how many posts I made about them, to be honest.

But I know I keep on enjoying it a lot.

Even now, I am wearing a pair of Lizzie’s joggers they sent me, the black ones.

I received these items a few days before Christmas.

But among all the last minute invoices and celebrations, I couldn’t open the package till now.

This one is the last haul for Femme Luxe Finery for this first year together, and I adore every single item of it.

We will walk through the reviews of dark grey joggers, a teeshirt, a denim crop jacket, and loungewear set in lilac.

In 2020, the brand had to switch from offering a wide range of sexy dresses and, in general, clothing for the outdoor life to a more cozy one.

Lilac Cropped Hoodie & High Waisted Jogger Loungewear Set – Alia

This is the first time I own something in this lilac color when it comes to joggers and hoodies.

The pants are high waist, and the hoodie is a cropped one.

I find this loungewear set absolutely adorable. 

The hoodie is very comfortable, and during these cold months, it’s nice to lift it up and cover my head with it.

It’s a romantic setting for my eyes.

Inside, it’s fleeced and very soft on the skin.

I usually wear a tee under my loungewear, but this one is so soft that I enjoy wearing only the hoodie.

I wore it on New Year’s Eve.

92 photos to have two to post. Thanks Sky.

We spent it at home, and I wanted to feel cozy and comfortable.

We also took a short walk with our dog Sky in the afternoon, and I felt warm and cuddled by this lounge wear set. 

Dark Grey Cuffed Joggers – Lizzie

Well, well, well.

I have them in pink, in baby blue, in black and now also in dark grey.

To be honest, on the website, they were looking more like a grey to a greenish color, but when I got them, it was the perfect grey shade I wanted.

High waist, cuffed on the ankles, I could wear them all day.

From morning to evening, these joggers from Femme Luxe Finery are a great option during the pandemic.

They are a bit fleeced on the inside so they will keep you nice and warm.

I love this particular model a lot because it comes with pockets on the side.

It does shape the waist in a lovely way, highlighting my curves on every single inch.

Black Cropped Denim Jacket – Noemi

I love denim jackets!

I have vintage ones, blue, designer ones, XL ones…but I never had a black one.

Let alone cropped.

The Noemi black cropped denim jacket is so pretty: it perfectly fits with my high waist joggers and makes them a bit less sporty and more casual.

I paired it up with my dark grey Lizzie’s joggers and the white Femme t-shirt.

Plus, this jacket is very soft denim, and it almost feels like wearing a long-sleeved shirt.

I can’t wait for spring to come to be able to rock it as outwear.

T-Shirt Fearless Femme

There is something about the Femme Luxe Finery tees: the high quality of them.

I already own a few of the models you can see on the website.

Each one of them is comfortable and fashionable.

They are made in cotton and sporting sentences to empower the woman.

This model is a white one, with a handwriting sentence on the front.

Fearless Femme.

I like it a lot.

And I love wearing it with my joggers, and also with a pair of trousers and a blazer.

It makes it funnier, modern, and a bit more my style.

I am looking forward to this 2021, new items, new hauls, and new reviews.

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