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My Outsourced IT raising funds for a better future in Manchester.

Me at The Wandering Cloud HQ with my refurbished iMac.

Have you ever thought about the chance that the next Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Bill Gates could be out there, in your neighborhood, not being able to develop his life path, just because he or she can not afford a laptop?

We are currently in an era where computers, tablets, smartphones, and related are going through their top moment among people.

Without the technology’s help, my lockdown would have been severely depressive as I live far away from my family.

Last year I welcomed my iMac 21 refurbished, and it is not a secret that I spend most of my days in front of it.

Thanks to technology, I have been able not only to stay in touch with my beloved ones.

But also to start an online business and creating jobs for other people.

And it saved my family. 

Without my computer, we would not be able to keep a roof upon our heads, have food on our plates, and create a future during these pandemic times.

More than now, I understood as many other people how important it is to have access to the internet and a computer.

My Outsourced IT and their mission.

A couple of days ago, I got in touch with Andy, the mind behind Manchester’s organization My Outsourced IT.

Andy is an extremely friendly, witty man, and he founded the organization My Outsourced IT to secure the future of Manchester’s youth, through digital inclusion.

About his project, backed by the Manchester City Council, Andy says:

“Many young people just do not have the opportunities, the access, or the skills needed to navigate the digital world they are growing up in.”

Andy – My Outsourced IT

And he continues:

“They must have the skills needed because, in the coming years, there will be millions of jobs available for those with advanced digital skills. 

With a predicted growth of a digital skills gap, the future for those without the right access to digital learning does not look very bright.

The majority of young people today do not possess the right skills, at the moment, to fill the vacancies that are going to become more widespread. These digital skills are important now, not in several years when it will be close to being too late.”.

This organization takes care of providing a working computer, a printer in every house where it is needed.

But they also do an outstanding job with refurbishing and giving a second life to the old laptop or computer you were keeping in the basement.

Go refurbished, go green (I did it).

For those of you, unfamiliar with what is a refurbished computer, tablet, or phone, I will explain it.

A refurbished item is, for example, a laptop that was repaired, updated, inspected, and cleaned.

Photo by Keira Burton on Pexels.com

Buying refurbished items is a great way to save money, and you will help the environment by upcycling the machine.

My Outsourced IT will come to your house and collect the machines you are willing to donate at no cost, taking care of all that I mentioned above.

“We believe no one should struggle and that paying forward and being green is the only way forward.”

My Outsourced IT – Manchester, United Kingdom

Based on this mantra, Andy and his people will offer free training as well.

They will and help you out in figuring how to use the computer and work with it.

In a world where we all rely upon the Internet to keep alive our businesses, to allow our kids to follow the lessons, this organization is a gem.

Photo by August de Richelieu on Pexels.com

My Outsourced IT accepts donations to keep them going with operating costs, tools, refreshments for after-school clubs, and many other expenses.

Click here to go straight to their GoFundMe page and help us create a future for our kids.

One hundred percent of the donations will go towards purchasing second-hand computers.

These computers will help out those kids that during the pandemic, have been cut out from being able to follow school through virtual classes.

From my side, Andy and the rest of the team, will always have full and on-going support.

And I can’t wait to see all the bright young minds going big thanks to My Outsourced IT.

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