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I got my first lingerie bodysuit from Femme Luxe, is it worth it?

If there is something that I love, how the loungewear of Femme Luxe is the knitted item of Femme Luxe.

For those not familiar with the brand, Femme Luxe Finery is a brand born in the glorious United Kingdom.

They sell a variety of clothing items, from lingerie to loungewear to sportswear to dresses.

I have been collaborating with this lovely brand since the end of 2019.

So at the moment, it’s my longest partnership, and I am so in love with the brand.

Update: while I was still writing this first article, I received another package from Femme Luxury that got stuck with the customs in early January, so a few days from now, you will see also the miracle package being unboxed and blogged about.

Stone Cable Knit Midi Skirt Co-ord – Bess

I love midi skirts, and this co-ord is so classy and soft that I wish I could wear it all year long.

It’s in the perfect nude shade for my skin color, stone, and it is composed of a midi skirt, with an elastic band and slip-on style and a cardigan in a matching knitted pattern.

The sizing was a bit too large in comparison to the size 12 that I order.

So I suggest downsizing one or two sizes with this one.

The knitted pattern is the sweetest thing ever, and I love the sweater very much!

In any case, it is made in a stretchy material, so you won’t have any issues in putting it on.

Black Lace Scallop Edge Waistband Detail Open Back Strappy Plunge Bodysuit – Edith

This one; is my first piece of lingerie EVER from Femme Luxe Finery, and I am so glad I dared to order it.

I was a bit scared with the sizing because I am not that good at buying lingerie while shopping in physical shops, let alone online.

But I have received a black body-suit, with scalloped edges, a deep V neck shape, and beautiful lace.

On the neck and the back, it has straps that can be adjusted to my body.

I rarely buy body-suits for the lack of chances of adjusting them and the few that I own, are most likely too short for my body.

So I am glad that I got this one, in the model Edith.

As a size 12 and 1,73cm tall, I ordered an L if you need to make a comparison for which size to order.

It is very comfortable once you wear it.

It doesn’t have any buttons on the lower part.

I prefer it this way because it feels softer and I don’t have any button popping away while I wear the Edith bodysuit.

Grey Marl Ribbed Oversized Round Neck Jumper Side Pocket Skinny Joggers Loungewear Set – Kori

I will never have enough of these loungewear sets.

It’s like ad addiction to me.

I have them in any possible color but I was still missing a grey ribbed one so why not?

The material that Femme Luxe used for this is pure heaven.

Stretchy, soft, silky on the skin and it shapes your curves babe.

It is similar to the Deanna set, but with a full lengthed jumper.

It’s a great set to wear to look polished and cute effortless.

It is quite stretchy as I said so don’t worry too much about sizing up or down or your usual size.

I ordered mine in size Medium – Large and it is just perfect.

I like this grey print, it looks melange between the tones of grey, dark grey, and white.

Black Knitted Ribbed Shorts Co-ord – Celeste

This set was unexpectedly cute.

I am always scared about wearing shorts or buying them because my legs are thick.

Yes, I am on the thick side.

They are well made.

I love wearing this set while walking with Sky with a pair of chunky sneakers and an oversized hoodie, like the one I got in my last review of Femme Luxe in February.

I like very much wearing black with brown and this black knitted ribbed shorts set is a very lovely match with an extra-long blazer or just straight with a teddy coat.

Possibly in neutral tones.

The only thing that is always a doubt for me is what kind of shoes I should with shorts in the cyclist style?

For these shorts, I love to use some Puma chunky sneakers with a bit of platform.

I own a lot of them and every time that I switch color is like a full new outfit.

What do you think about this Femme Luxury haul? Do you like knitted items?


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