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Proscenic T21: I bought it. Is it worth the money?


With the fast-paced lifestyle in California, and even more in big cities like Los Angeles or San Francisco, junk food seems the easiest option for people who are always in a rush.

But would it be wonderful if you could simply press a button from your phone and having a machine at home starting cooking for you?

Or a machine which while you shower and gets ready in the morning, would prepare your lunch, and the only thing that you would have to do would put your food in a Tupperware?

I was part of those people giving it up to a sandwich when I had to decide what to eat because sometimes life is a lot to handle.

You have a house, kids, husband, pets, work, social life (though this last one is very reduced due to the pandemic).

And keeping up with everything is hard.

So I decided to investigate.

And I decided that having a new smart machine in the house would have been a good compromise between eating healthy and reducing the time to prepare healthy food.

Less food wasted as well as reduced waste.

On top of this, by using reusable containers, we would produce way less waste.

And this is something that for someone living in Los Angeles or San Francisco should be one of the main reasons.

Online the options are never-ending, but after a few days spent reading reviews from other buyers, my final choice was the air fryer from the Asian brand Proscenic.


“Alexa start cooking”

I have to admit that one of the main goals of the whole operation was to have a machine compatible with Alexa.

The main reason is that my home office is upstairs while the kitchen downstairs.

Having an air fryer able to communicate with Alexa (or Google assistant) means asking her to start cooking or check how the cooking time is going from my phone.

So I ordered it, paying around 130 dollars on Amazon, and just waited for it to arrive at my doorstep.

When I took the air fryer out of the box, I must admit that it was smaller than what I initially thought it was going to be.

And that’s great because I did not want something occupying too much space.

I followed the instructions, and they were pretty easy.

Once plugged in, I proceeded to connect the air fryer to my wifi through the Proscenic app.

I think that trying to fry some french fries on the machine is what we all do when it comes to testing an air fryer.

Let’s put it to the test.

So I tried with some frozen fries, put them into the basket, closed it, and just to make it easier, there are buttons on the screen with the icon of the food you want to prepare.

I selected the icon of the fries and waited, hoping for my kitchen not to catch on fire because of my nerd side.

From time to time, I pulled out the basket to check if they were actually frying without oil, and the machine, automatically, turned itself off to then turn itself on once the basket was back in place.

After eighteen minutes, my fries were crunchy and ready to go.

Multiple dishes.


In the next few days, I learned that this air fryer is able also to cook without frying it:

  • Fish
  • Meat including roasted meat
  • Vegetables
  • And also bake cakes, pizza, cookies, and croissants.

Obviously, there are still many dishes that require me to stay in the kitchen.

But I must confess that I do enjoy a lot having this kind of help while cooking.

Especially when I hate dealing with boiling oil.

Talking about the healthier side of this machine, it cooks with 85% less fat than a common deep fryer machine or similars.


This means that:

  • It is healthier for the whole family.
  • You will save on oil because you do not really need it to cook.
  • It allows people who are suffered from heart disease, diabetes, and obesity to enjoy a tasty meal.
  • The air fryer saves the environment from dealing with used oil, which is always hard to recycle.
  • It avoids oil being thrown in the sink or toilet, so ending up in the sea.

Clean it with a wet wipe.


The cleaning part is easy. The pan and the basket are anti-stick so I just use hot water, dish soap, and a sponge.

Everything comes off easy.

As for the portions, I would say that you can easily cook for three adults without any issues.

A nice smart tool to improve your life I would say!

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