Femme Luxe April 2021 haul and review. My honest opinion on the brand.

While Belgium seems to go forward with the lockdown’s lift we have been under since last year, the thought of being able to wear dresses has become stronger day by day.
I felt animated into ordering for my bi-monthly article upon Femme Luxe, mini dresses, and the iconic turtle neck half sweater, together with a summertime jogger set and a loungewear set.
I will also include my honest opinion on each of the products in the order I received them.
The clothes are ordered by size, starting with the smallest size.

Among my favorite on the website there are also things such as:

Let’s start by describing what one should look for when ordering with Femme Luxe.
Their sizing is incredibly accurate: very few times I had received items being too small or too big.
The clothes featured in this post are all between an M/L size, or a 12/14 as they are tagged on Femme Luxe.
Let’s go with the first one.

Blue Ribbed Oversized Round Neck Jumper Side Pocket Skinny Joggers Loungewear Set – Kori

I ordered this cute set in M/L, which is the usual size I wear with them.
I am usually wearing a 12/14, so I was pleased to have it arrive in one piece.
The cut is exactly like the picture; oversized round neck, long-sleeved side pockets, and skinny leg bottoms.
The fabric is really soft and stretchy, as you can see in my photos here.
I wouldn’t bother too much about the sizing because it does stretch a lot.
The color is quite pastel-toned (which makes it look baby blue), and it has a lovely texture which makes it easier to style with sneakers or other accessories.
I have this very same model in grey.
As all I do is using it, washing it, and putting it on again, I thought that having the same one but in blue would have been a great solution.

Stone Cut Away Roll Neck Long Sleeve Knitted Extreme Crop Top – Lily

I am in love with this top.  
It’s really long-sleeved, and I ordered an L, as the sizing is that great.  
I had been wearing this one very often because it fits perfectly and is just so comfortable.  
I go riding a lot with my bike, so sometimes it is too cold for wearing just a teeshirt but too warm for wearing a whole sweater or a hoodie.
This is the perfect solution, and it fits in every bag I own.
The material is soft and has a stretchy quality which makes it easy to move in.  
I am thinking about ordering the same top that Hannah (the Femme Luxe model) is wearing on the website to match this knitted top as they are the same shade of beige.

Leopard Print Bardot Ruched Bodycon Mini Dress – Addisyn

I have a few of these dresses in my wardrobe already.  
This dress is soft, feels great against your skin, and the print is well-made.
The sleeves are long, and I ordered a size 12/14.
They do stretch out a bit but not too much so that you would have to shorten it yourself by pulling the arms up.
But I love long sleeves.
This mini dress has a string on the front that you can pull to adjust it to the length you love, and I think it looks great both with heels or with a pair of black leggings for a rocker look.

Dusky Pink Cropped Long Sleeve Hoodie Shirred Waist Joggers Loopback Loungewear Set – Isabella

This set is pure love!
I was not expecting it to be made with a lighter fabric than all the other joggers’ sets I own from Femme Luxe!
This set is made for summer without any doubt.
The material is super soft, the color is a lovely pastel dusky pink, the size is right for me (I ordered an M/L), and it has no problems hugging my hips at all.
Because of the way it fits and the quality, this set will be something I will wear on many occasions.
The crop top with hoodie is lovely too.
I have asked myself what would happen if I ordered this same one in another color.
The waistband looks amazing too.

I am so satisfied with everything I got this time.
And the shipping was fast.
I think I might have ordered over the weekend, and on Thursday, my package was here.

I hope you enjoyed my review and that you find it helpful.
Let’s stay connected!  
You can visit Femme Luxe from any highlighted link on this blog post or from the banner you see here on the right!
 Thank you for reading! ☺
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section!  I will reply ASAP.

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