The end of the lockdown: I am ready to showoff my new Femme Luxe clothes!

We are finally one month away from summer and I could not be more excited.
Though the Belgian weather is not showing its best side at the moment, I am getting ready for the lift of the lockdown after more than a year.
In the rain or the sunshine, I am preparing my outfits for these months to come.
Every time I go over the Femme Luxe website, I start drooling over all the items that I would like to have in my closet.
I think, after a year and a half almost of the partnership, it is like a match in heaven.
I love Femme Luxe clothes, and I wear them for work, for relaxing, for hanging out…

They have a great selection also in these categories where you can find many items I featured here in the past:

Grey Loungewear

Co Ord Sets

Bodycon Midi Dress

Milkmaid Top

I can’t wait for my bar to open to be able to wear all of those beautiful midi-dresses they sent me in the past.
This time I went for a leopard mini-dress, oversized loungewear, a pink ribbed bodysuit, and a black version of the Ribbed Two Piece Co-ord Set – Suzi.
Let’s dive into it!

Brown Leopard Print Satin Ruched Side Slip Mini Dress – Maeve

One of the best things to wear when you want to feel feminine, sexy, and confident is the mini dress.
Why a mini dress?
It is one of my favorite articles of clothing because it flatters and hugs the female form without being too revealing, especially styles with a flattering neckline.
For me, it is a great way to be sexy without showing anything.
It’s everything I like about fashion: being comfortable AND beautiful at the same time.
As for the print, this animalier print is in neutral tones and perfect for the hot summer nights.
I can already imagine myself wearing this on a rooftop somewhere, with a glass of wine and the city lights at my feet.
Another reason why I decided to order this dress is because of the satin material that will make me feel like Bae from Crazy Rich Asians.
If you haven’t seen this movie, go and watch it right now: it’s a must!
Back at the Maeve leopard print satin ruched mini dress, it is very well made: the dress is lined and I cannot wait to wear it.
I love how it falls over my curves, and I am in love with the satin and the ruches on the side.

Light Pink Zip Up Front Ribbed Bodysuit – Gina

This pink zip-up bodysuit is everything I wanted and more.
The first thing that attracted me to it was the color.
I own many pink items, so I thought this would be a nice addition to my closet.
Secondly, I loved the zip.
I am not a big fan of high neck clothing items but this bodysuit, having the zip, allows me to feel less restricted.
I also love the body fit, which is very flattering and the ribbed pattern, is a plus!
The bodysuit is made of a thin, stretchy material which I thought was great.
The ribbed pattern is beautiful, especially the way it falls on my curves.
It would be great for summer nights when you want to feel sexy and not look overdressed.
I thought that this outfit would be perfect for a nice dinner or a date night pairing it up with a pair of jeans.

Black Crop Ribbed Two Piece Co-ord Set – Suzi

If you think that you already saw this black crop coord set on my blog, you are right.
I ordered it last time in brown, and it is so flattering and comfortable that I decided to order it also in black.
The pants are flared and follow a very natural movement while I walk, and the high-waisted cut plus the crop top make the whole set unique.
The cut is very flattering, and I get how I look.
The color is what attracted me to this piece, but I also like how it makes me feel: very classy, sophisticated, and feminine.
I paired this set with some diva sunglasses and a black pochette.
The result was flawless.
This set is currently my go-to outfit whenever I need to feel beautiful and confident.
The material is very light and soft, so it’s a great summer piece.
I like the fact that this set is available in brown and green and many other colors.
I am sure I will be wearing both versions a lot this summer.

Blue ‘Buffalo’ Slogan Print Oversized Leggings Loungewear Set – Zuzanna

I love loungewear items, and I can never have too many.
Just like the crop coord set, I also own the Zuzanna Buffalo slogan print leggings with their maxi-hoodie.
I wanted to buy a second pair in a different color because of how comfortable they are.
I love wearing my sneakers, walking barefoot on the grass with my dog, and chilling in front of the TV while sipping a hot tea.
But I also do see this outfit for some shopping spree where I will be walking a lot.
I also think this type of outfit is great for spring and summer nights.
What I love about these leggings is they are coord with the hoodie, so you get to wear something like this and still feel cool, yet they are super comfortable.
The print is what lured me in to buy them, and I know that it will be an amazing match for my summer outfits.
I don’t know a lot of hoodies with a print on the back and none in blue.

I found the leggings a bit tight compared to the usual size I order with Femme Luxe so make sure you size up when ordering this one.

In any case, the hoodie is long enough to be used as a mini-dress.
I’m so happy I added this piece to my wardrobe!

I am also a big fan of Femme Luxe, and every item they offer is unique and stylish.

On a calendar month, I might be wearing items from the brand for about 24-25 days per month.
I am very impressed with the quality and materials used. I also love how everything is different.
My closet is filled with black, neutral, pink, and green clothes, but I have items in different colors with patterns that make me feel so feminine while still wearing clothes that are comfortable in any season and at any age.
As a person who likes to stand out from the crowd, these items are perfect for me as an individual who loves to look beautiful while feeling great about herself.

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