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Nanostyle: the brand that portrayed my endless love for cats in jewelry.

I have never been a girl and now a woman to wear exotic jewelry.
If you have been following me for a while, you know that the ones I wear the most are my earrings, nose piercing, and sometimes a necklace.

Of course, I have other jewels, but they are so overwhelming that they don’t spend much time in my closet.
And after all, I am a simple but chic woman, and I like to leave the flashy to others.
But I do like a lot of light and meaningful necklaces and pendants.

A flawless craftmanship called Nanostyle Jewelry.

A few weeks ago, I got in touch with Nanostyle Jewelry, a company born back in 2009 and based in Tel Aviv.
Their goal is to create and develop flawless craftsmanship through jewelry.
Their pieces are polymer clay handmade jewelry designed with passion by Adina Plastelina, while others are crafted from other local artisans from precious metals such as 24k gold, silver, and semiprecious stones.

Among the semiprecious stones, there are the black onyx and cubic zirconia.
The materials and the workmanship make a unique product, and that, in my opinion, has an excellent quality-price ratio.
I have selected for you a piece I really liked.

My love for my cats and a very special necklace.

Cat Pendant Necklace - NanoStyle Jewelry
Kawa, my six years old cat, pictured with the gold cat necklace from Nanostyle

As you know by now, my two cats, the dark grey beauties Kawa and Minimini, are pure love to me.
Together with Sky, my American Staffordshire, those three are the loves of my life and my babies.
To express my feelings of love for them, I adore in Nanostyle the necklace dedicated to cats.
And they kindly gifted me one by sending me a Gold Cat Necklace.
It is beautiful and has the minimum of elements to represent a sweet sleepy cat.
I loved it right away because that’s the exact position that Kawa rests on my arm while I work at the computer.
I opted for the gold plated over 925 sterling silver black cat pendant version because I felt more appropriate in my classic style.

Polymer clay and black cats.

The black parts of the cat are made of polymer clay, and Adina Plastelina did the loveliest job in portraying a cat.
When I observed the cat closer, I could see little glitter sparkling details, and it conquered me even more.
It arrives in a beautiful box, perfect for storage and transport of the jewelry.
The necklace is perfect.
It is crafted with great attention to detail, the lines are exquisite.
The cut-out in the eyes and paws are perfect, and it really has the charm of a small sleeping cat.
The chain is a 42 centimeters long, high-quality Italian-made gold-filled chain.
I adore it, and I love my pendant.
The packaging is both beautiful and practical, giving me the vibe of a handmade product.
I’d like to receive more Nanostyle products in the future.

I love you…in 120 different languages.

Among the other jewelry offered by the brand on their website, there is a necklace that says I Love You in different languages.
The pendant, available in multiple shapes, colors, and styles, is a miniature artwork.
It says I love you in 120 different languages.
The idea is that you can express your feelings in a different language very easily.
It’s a beautiful piece for an anniversary gift for her or for any special one in your life who deserves to be reminded each day of your love.
The one that literally made me smile while seeing it on the website is the I Love you heart necklace.
But Nanostyle is a brand where once you land on their website, you will have a hard time deciding what to order because each piece is meaningful and beautiful.

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