Goodbye, Mom.

I know I have been away for a long time now.
Life has been throwing heavy balls at me.
Of course, I got many campaigns asking me to post mainly on NewsBreak and my social media, with TikTok and Instagram leading the pack.

But on a personal side, life showed me, once again, how unpredictable it can be.
I am training karate three times a week plus all the championships.
I am also working basically full-time as a tutor at GoStudent Italy, teaching English, Italian, Spanish and Social Media.

With an average of 25 hours of tutoring, plus the 8-9 of training…life has been busy.
And the saddest news.

Alena Homolkova, 16th of June 1948 – 5th of May 2022.

My beloved mother left this world after a short and aggressive form of cancer on the 5th of May.
She went under a third surgery, put into a coma. She never woke up.
I was in Belgium trying to find a flight, a car to rent, or anything that could bring me to my mother as fast as possible.

I didn’t make it on time to say goodbye, and this lack of time made me curl up in my shell.
I spent days barely talking to anyone, not answering the phone if not for work matters, and I cried my eyes out together with my heart.

I am slowly getting back at it.

And we should indeed say things whenever we can because we never know when it will be too late.

So dear readers, dear wanderers, go and tell your beloved ones how much you love them, and listen to your parents and grandparents telling you their stories over and over again.
Take photos, and videos, and save them because one day, they will be all you will have of them.

And as a famous poem says:

“Now I have to remember you for longer than I have known you”.



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