London knows about it: the best adults shopping happens at Discreet Boutique.

Let’s be honest: a beautiful and sexy dress makes us feel powerful and confident but when you wear it with some grandma’s underwear…well, the magic powers automatically vanish into thin air.

I mean, we all have those kind of underwear, because it’s comfortable (especially on “those” days) but it’s not exactly what you would wear together with a bodycon dress and killer heels.

Imagine Samantha Jones from Sex & The City dealing with her lovers and showing off some hideous panties: I am pretty sure her character would have been kicked to the curb after the pilot episode.

Personally, I love buying lingerie and I love matching it with what I am wearing, and the best options always come from brands such as Leg Avenue, which is among my favorites since 2008/2009, when I used to buy tons of pin-up inspired lingerie and clothes.

I have been modeling lingerie for what it feels as a whole century (14 years straight) and most of the outfits were coming from adults boutiques and today, already retired from my modeling career, I keep on choosing my underwear from this kind of shops.

One of the most trustful online-shops where to buy kinky lingerie is for sure and without any doubt, Discreet Boutique.

Discreet Boutique is a company based in London, England and they have a wide range of more than 4,500 products including adult toys and lingerie, with a whole new concept based on a company centered on providing a comfortable and respectable experience when it comes to shop with them, making us saying good-bye to the very old and common concept of male-focused adult stores where the woman is just a mere accessory to the whole situation.

Discreet Boutique is basically a luxury adult store, where both men and women can go on a shopping spree feeling both equal.

And that feels amazing. Amazing as the fact that they do deliver the next day for real.

I went to “stalk” them a little bit on the web as I wanted to have also opinions from people I don’t know, and the reviews are positive, people stating that the prices in Discreet Boutique are lower compared to other shops and that they could not believe when their packages arrived for real the following day.

I have been shopping on-line for a bit now and the main problem is always the delivery timing. You order something and then you have to wait for it for days, weeks and in the worst case, months.

So reading that being honest and sticking to their word, is something real for this company, helps a lot when it comes to choose which shop consult when it comes to spend your money.

And talking about money, they accept also Paypal, which in my case, is the preferred way to buy online as it gives you the buyer protection, but as far as I could see, no need with Discreet Boutique as they are compromised in making you live a really nice and easy shopping experience.

They also have some real nice bride options which for the up-coming season, is perfect, like for example this bathrobe:

If you wanna check this one, just click on the photo!

How lovely is this? My bestie wedding is coming up in June so we have been chatting a lot about the whole organization and we already went wedding-shopping, but still missing the lingerie part and I will suggest her to check out Discreet Boutique for it.

I know that among my readers there are several alternative models, photographers, fashion stylists and so on, always trying to find the perfect match for their next lingerie photo-shooting.

I feel completely confident in sending you over Discreet Boutique to find outfits and accessories, plus as said, they deliver the next day so they are going to be your life-savers when it comes to a last minute job.

So as usually, because I love you so much and I want you to save money while shopping, here you have a special discount of 20%OFF for your next Discreet shopping spree, just click here and go and have fun or you can also use my code BARBARAFAVAFMX to check out.

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