Femme Luxe try on after the lockdown.

Wanna make me happy? Give me a Candy Store!

The sense of excitement that the news of being once again free of wandering around, has hit everybody.

Finally after at least three months of lockdown, without being able to go for a walk or a coffee with my friends, we are allowed to slowly go back to normality.

This meant for me, and for many other bloggers, the chance to be able to finally test some of the PR packages that we received, outdoor.

One of them, is, of course, a new bag of goodies from Femme Luxe.

 Black Cargo Slim Fit Trouser – Sunny

Paired with

Black ‘La Femme’ Slogan Print Lip T-Shirt – Rayna

I loved the cargo pants I received last time, and so as I stated, I ordered the black version as well.

These pants are a statement if you love cargo clothes as much as I do.

Just a small suggestion for this model: when it comes to the stone color, order a size less as they are very stretchy and when it comes to the black ones, order one size more as they come reduced and not stretchy.

This time I managed to match these cargo pants with a super cute t-shirt coming from the summer collection.

It is one of the “Lips tees” of Femme Luxe, already available in white, black, and pink.

When I ordered the cargos, I wanted a tee to match those sexy trousers.

So I decided to order this Tee with the big hot pink lips and the slogan La Femme. 

It is made of cotton and the quality is very good.

It is a slim fit, so this t-shirt will hug your curves enhancing them to give you that look ready for Instagram.

I wore these two items, on the very first coffee time after the quarantine and I felt so comfortable in it.

Khaki Oversized Hoodie Shorts Loungewear Set – Ariyah.

Another favorite combo of mine is the loungewear set Ariyah.

I already have it in the stone shade, and I appreciate it so much that I decided to order it also one of my favorite colors, which is, as you already know, khaki.

I sported it while celebrating the 40th Wedding Anniversary of my in-laws, on the Belgian seaside, and it was the perfect outfit, paired with some flip-flops.

This lounge set, in this particular shade, goes well also with the next item I am going to tell you about which is the tracksuit set Maria.

I like to mix-up the items that I get for my collaboration with Femme Luxe.

In this case, you will be able to match the long trousers of the Maria set with the sleeveless hoodie from the Ariyah set or the shorts from the Ariyah set with the sweater of the Maria’s one.

Khaki Loungewear Tracksuit Set – Maria.

Ideal for hanging out with your bestie, going shopping, having brunch, or even just do some smart work from home, this set will make you fall in love with its soft material.

It is available in more colors, like red, white and blue but for this time I decided on the green one as I know that I can combine it with a lot of different items.

I really liked this one from Femme Luxe, could be that I will order more in different colors.

It reminds me a bit of another favorite loungewear of mine and indeed the pants, though being in a different material, they hug my curves the same way.

I wouldn’t say that it is made to wear it when it is hot outside as it is sort of jumper loungewear but for sure, you won’t regret it when it comes autumn and the winter season.

I wore it while visiting the Candy Factory in Turnhout, and I used it with a matching top and securing the sweater on my waist. 

This loungewear could easily go into my chart of the ideal outfits for a long flight as it is stretchy, it is comfortable, warm and you can match it with a tee and take off the upper part in the case.

What do you think about these outfits?

Are you going to keep on wearing a lot of loungewear even though the quarantine is partially over?

Let me know in the comments down below!

For the next post, I am trying to decide if making some more dresses or keeping it casual.


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